A Simply Better Way To Sell Your Home

We changed the way you can sell your home

We analyzed the traditional model as well as other options that were available to sellers in the market today. While we’re seeing more and more options that would be considered non-traditional, the other offerings still generally fall short for various reasons.

Other traditional selling options

Real estate agency

Homes are still bought and sold the same way they have been for decades. Over the years, most businesses have taken advantage of significant leaps in available technology to create process efficiencies, lowering costs for consumers. The Real Estate industry is no different. So why are you, the seller, still paying the same amount or even more since costs are traditionally tied to the increasing value of your home?

For sale by owner

While some of the available FSBO models seem like a great way to save money, you just don’t get the visibility that being listed on the MLS provides. Greater visibility equals greater potential interest from buyers. Without the MLS and the vast number of sites the MLS feeds into, you are drastically limiting the visibility of your home. You’re saving on one end and potentially giving away money on the other.

Flat fee broker

While flat fee brokers generally get you listed on the MLS, many put a significant amount of the work on the seller making the sales process exhausting. Simply Better Realty has solved for the shortcomings of the existing models by investing in technology to create efficiencies in our processes, developing proprietary marketing tactics to maximize visibility beyond what the MLS alone provides, and all while maintaining a flat fee to save you money!

We are your strategic partner, not just a salesperson

Our realtors have decades of combined experience helping buyers and sellers get their dream home. We’ll be here to support you through every step of the process.

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