If you’re looking to buy a home, you may be thinking “do I really need a realtor?” While you don’t have to use a realtor to buy a home, the pros generally outweigh the cons. Read on to learn how having a realtor on your side through the home-buying process can make a big difference.

Can I Buy a Home Without a Realtor?

There are no laws that require you to have a realtor to purchase a home. However, there are definitely benefits to having a realtor assist you with the process. Realtors are experts who have access to listings and other data that you can’t find on your own.

Why Should I Use a Realtor?

Realtors Are Experts

Realtors are experts on everything involved in the homebuying process. They understand market conditions, buying timeline, and price points.  If living near a good school is important to your family, for example, realtors will be able to provide the local expertise to find a home in an area that is the best fit. Even if you’ve lived in an area for years, a realtor has a level of knowledge and experience of the local housing market that you do not.

Additionally, realtors are useful because buying a home is not always straightforward. There are regulations, contracts, and other details that are important to understand throughout the process. It’s always good to have an expert on your side.

Realtors Can Save You Time 

The process of buying a home can be extremely time-consuming. You could spend countless hours combing through online home listings, scheduling visits, negotiating, and doing paperwork. A realtor can save you time by handling these tasks professionally and efficiently.

Especially in today’s hot real estate market, great houses in great neighborhoods sell fast. Working with a realtor helps you keep up with new listings in a fast-paced market.

Realtors Have Access to More Listings

Realtors have access to inside information in the market. While you can see most listings through online platforms and tools, there are always off-market listings that only realty agents have access to. Your dream home could be in one of these private listings!

Realtors Are Negotiators

Understanding how to negotiate the best price for a home can be very difficult. The process of compiling the comparable data needed can be overwhelming. Realtors are negotiators, which means they understand the data needed to negotiate closing costs, inspection credits, appraisals, and more.

Why Do Some Buyers Choose to Not Use a Realtor? 

Hoping to Save Money

Many buyers choose not to use a realtor in an effort to save money. However, sellers are the ones who cover the cost of buyers’ agents. There’s no financial benefit to going without a realtor. You will lose much-needed expertise and potentially pay more without an informed negotiator on your side.

Operate Within Own Timeframe

Some buyers have their own timeframe that they want to work on and fear that working with a realtor can limit their control. However, realtors can actually save time and provide quick access to listings. Your realtor will do the best they can to work within your schedule and timeline to find the best home for you.

With the many variables and moving parts involved in the home buying process, working with a realtor can relieve a tremendous amount of stress and help put your mind at ease. While it’s certainly possible to buy a home without a realtor, having an expert on your side can make the process smoother, easier, and more cost-effective. For more tips about buying or selling a home, browse the Simply Better Realty blog!